Talk to us

If you need some support, here are some of the things we can talk with you about:

  • Acquired brain injury and its effects
  • Local and national services and organisations that may be able to help
  • Where to go for advice about benefits and compensation claims

We have a lot of experience in this field and we are used to hearing things like:

“No-one can tell me what will happen.”

“Brain injury is invisible, and no-one
understands why I have changed.”

“Everything seems different, and we don’t
know where to go for advice or help.”

The key message, if you are facing issues like these, is that you are not alone – there are other people who have been through the same experiences.

Unfortunately, nobody can tell you what will happen, because brain injury is different for each person. But do get in touch if there is anything you would like to ask more about. We have a wide range of free booklets, together with books and videos that you can borrow.


Below is a list of the booklets we keep in stock. Please note that we can send out a maximum of three, free of charge, but you can have more than this by making a small payment to cover costs.

Headway Booklets:

  • Caring for Someone with a Brain Injury
  • Claiming Compensation
  • Claiming Compensation in Scotland
  • Coping with Communication Problems after Brain Injury
  • Driving after Brain Injury
  • Hospital Treatment and Early Recovery after Brain Injury
  • Managing Anger after Brain Injury
  • Managing Fatigue after Brain Injury
  • Memory Problems after Brain Injury
  • Minor Head Injury
  • Parenting after Brain Injury
  • Psychological Effects of Brain Injury
  • Redeveloping Skills
  • Rehabilitation after Brain Injury
  • Supporting People to Make Decisions Applying the Mental Capacity Act
  • The Effects of Brain Injury

If you would like any of the booklets on the list, or would like any other information, please contact us.