Support and reablement for individuals within their own home and the community

Acquired Brain Injury Care & Support

ABICS is specialist service designed to use our expertise of working with people with an acquired brain injury. Offering a high quality care and support service in the home.

What specialist service does ABICS provide?

We specialise in: working with clients following discharge from hospital with an acquired brain injury. This includes brain injury caused by trauma (falls, accidents, assaults), stroke and illness.

We are focused on: re-ablement and working with clients to ensure they achieve for them-selves as much as they can safely do. We will work alongside them to build confidence and re-learn lost skills.

We work with clients who: may display behaviours that challenge and anger management issues. We will carry out programmes provided by community health therapists, in the clients own home.

We help clients to: plan a budget, pay bills, maintain tenancy of their homes, to go shopping for food, prepare menus and cook food, keep themselves and their homes clean. We will also accompany clients to hospital, and dental or doctors appointments, if required.

We aim to: reduce care packages over a period of time. To enable clients to do more for themselves and gain confidence in their own abilities. This is not always possible for all clients as some will always need support to remain living in the community.

Support and care will be provided in partnership with clients, their family and carers.