Headway Shropshire’s Pop-up Bakery!

Headway Shropshire's Pop-up Bakery!

Yesterday turned out to be a very aromatic day in the Rehabilitation centre thanks to Rob Swift of Swift’s Bakery in Ludlow. It was the first of Rob’s bakery sessions designed to help our brain injury survivors to gain some useful baking experience.

Rob came armed not only with a huge tub of dough, but also with a selection of enticing Mediterranean ingredients such as fresh basil, tomatoes and cheese. In no time at all thanks to Rob’s encouragement and hands-on tuition, lumps of dough had been transformed into exotic bread roulades and rolls fit for a Michelin-starred restaurant! Then after a short but tantalising wait as the dough proved itself, into the ovens it went. After 20 agonising minutes, as the aroma of freshly-baked bread wafted throughout the Rehab Centre, it was time for the final reveal. Considering this session was the first of its kind at Headway Shropshire, the results were pretty spectacular as you can see from the photos.

A great time was had by all, and it proved to be a very successful morning, not least because the seven eager participants got to eat the results of their work!

Our thanks to Rob for making this happen.

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