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ABI Carers Meetings 2018

ABI Carers Meetings 2018

Carers Support Group : Dates for your diary 2018

Headway Shropshire has grown to such an extent in recent years. With this in mind the need for carers support, information and guidance is much greater. We at Headway Shropshire would like to welcome you to join our carers group which is held at Headway Shropshire on dates stated below.

The effects of Acquired Brain Injury are so wide, so unique and also often invisible that many carers, family members and friends find it difficult to get the support they need. What Carers have in common with each other is the need to share stories and know that people really listen and understand. Our carers group is to meet other people in the same situation, to value each other’s ideas and experiences, to have a break and to get practical information.

Carers Meeting Dates

6pm-7.30pm at Headway Shropshire SY3 5HJ

  • Wednesday 17th January
  • Thursday 15th February
  • Tuesday 13th March
  • Wednesday 11th April
  • Thursday 17th May
  • Tuesday 12th June
  • July – HOLIDAY
  • August – HOLIDAY
  • Tuesday 11th September
  • Wednesday 17th October
  • Thursday 15th November
  • Tuesday 11th December

Headway Shropshire: 01743 365565

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