Glacial Acetic Acid Made in China

14-Feb-2020 08:17 AM

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Basic Information
Consistently with sister company KEMIACHEM CO., LIMITED, Zhengzhou Meiya Chemical Products Co., Ltd. is a professional company that focus on the chemicals worldwide. Main businesses cover from solvents, agrochemical and pharmaceuticals, polyurethane series to specialty products used in oil and gas field.
After 13 years of development we became one of the reliable and reputable companies in chemicals distribution sector and committed to become a one-stop sourcing solution and service provider for partners around the world.
Company History
Meiyachem was founded in Henan as a trading house, specialized in sourcing bulk chemicals.
First factory was set up in Guangxi, specialized in the production of phosphoric acid. The next year, Hong Kong subsidiary was set up.
The logistics centers were established in Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
Xinxiang Branch was established.
Meiyachem's share holding factory Kaifeng Huarui New Material Plant was established. We produce phosgene products include IPCF(Isopropyl chloro(108-23-6), Photoinitiator1173(7473-98-5), Diuron(330-54-1), Isocyanates and so on.
Meiyachem UK was set up. In Europe, Asia, and South America, customers enjoy an unmatched portfolio of delivery time and supply chain services.
Meiyachem has significantly expanded the scope of its capabilities primarily through the acquisition of more than 30 partners. As a result, our relationships with many customers have deepened to include much more than basic commercial services. With a bright view of future, we will make full use of all opportunities brought by the development of our country and the progress in our society.
Our Product
Specializing initially in products originating in China, our main product line includes: VOC-exempt solvents, Paints and coatings, Adhesives, PU and resin, Agro and pharmaceuticals, food and feed additives, Water treatment and Oil field chemicals. We are committed to a cleaner environment as evidenced by our leadership in VOC-exempt solvents and follow all existing global regulations regarding transportation and labeling.
Service Object
We supply solutions for a variety of chemicals with diverse applications and serve a wide range of industries, such as:
Coatings, Inks and Adhesives
Building Materials industries
Feed & Poultry Processing
Foods (Soft drinks, Bakery, Brewing)
Detergents & Personal Care
Metals & Surface Treatment
Pharmaceuticals Formulation & Synthetics
Plastics & Rubber
Composite & Fiberglass
Ceramics & Glass
Textile, Leather & Paper
Our Certificate
We manage all operations in accordance with the client's requirement, REACH performance or SGS standards to ensure consistently high quality of chemicals we supply. We rely on the support and innovation of our in-house R&D department but also establish long-term relationships with many well established chemical research institutes nationwide including:
→ Henan Chemical Centre of Analysis & Test
→ Shanghai Coatings Research Institute
→ Changzhou Chemical Industry Research Institute
→ Henan Industry University
Our Strengths
We are vigorous team, full of passion and enthusiasm. Our strengths include:
Source high-quality, competitively-priced chemicals
Recommend suitable replacement chemicals based on the forefront of market and global database
Tailoring transport and delivery of shipments to satisfy customers' requirements
Attention to customer and friendly working environment.Glacial Acetic Acid Made in China


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