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1. High visibility suit coat Style features:
1. Left front chest strap with zip closure. Make the wearer's items safer.
2. The right front two-in-one hit-color three-dimensional pocket, plus bag cover (with pen insert hole), Velcro closed. Contrast pockets are more beautiful and fashionable, and the pen hole can better serve the wearer.
3. There are two 5cm flame-retardant reflective tapes on the front and back sheets and sleeves. Make it safer and more eye-catching for the wearer to work in a dark environment.
4. It is more fashionable and safe to add reflective teeth to the sleeves and side seams.
5. Sleeve plus natural knitting thread, more convenient and comfortable.
6. Put the hem of the cloth on the bottom and adjust the size of the hem by adding elastic on both sides. The left side of the hem is the head of the sword, and the worker button is closed.
7. The zipper of the door sill 5# is closed, and the zipper is not exposed.
2. High visibility suit pants Style features:
1. The trousers hit color stitching, and each seam has a 5cm reflective tape. Beautiful and stylish.
2. The front piece pants are sewn with two active pleats, and the trousers are more fit and comfortable.
3. Two oblique pockets on the sides of the trousers and double seams on the outside. More solid.
4. There is a three-dimensional bag on each side of the trousers around the leg, plus a flap, and the Velcro is closed. Greatly increased the storage space for items.
5. The wearer's right rear hip opening bag, buckle the nose + four button closure. Well-groomed, the pockets will not valgus.
6. Before and after wave pressure double open line, the end of smash hit. It greatly enhances the firmness of the bottom and front and back waves.
7. The sill closes.
8. The waist is closed with four eyes closed, the back waist is loosened, and the size of the waist is adjusted to increase the wearer's crowd and more comfortable fit.
9. Pants waist 5 crotch, upper and lower sleeve fixed.
3. Serving of the High Visibility Suit
Guarantee quality and delivery time
Calling for Feedback regularly; 24-hours online consultant
Provide knowledge of Product Maintenance
Provide third-party testing if you have any objection when you received the products

4. FAQ
Q : Which port does this ship from in China?
A : Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shenzhen.
Q:Can you produce small orders?
A:Yes, we do. If your order is smaller than our MOQ, we can arrange special for you but the cost would be higher.
Q : What about the package of the fabric and clothing?
A : Fabric: packing in rolls, inside is poly bag, outside is woven bag, or according the request of customer.
Clothing: carton, or according the request of customer.wholesale High Visibility Clothing


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