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Our History
Arthroplasty Research and Development
Established in March 1984, Arthroplasty Research & Development (A.R.D.) was to become a notable force in South African orthopaedics over the next decade.
Some notable developments from the A.R.D. period include the introduction of:
●The rotating platform SS'92 Total knee.  
●Modular Total hip design (Dual hip)
●Acrylic bone cement (Durus),
●Vertefix® Pedicle Screw System
In its on-going commitment to quality, the company was accredited with the South African Bureau of Standards ISO 9001 certificate in 1993.
Macmed Orthopaedics
In April 1997, A.R.D. was acquired by Macmed, and renamed Macmed Orthopaedics.
Significant developments from this era include:
●The launch of an improved version of the rotating platform knee design (SS'98).
●Documenting of excellent long term clinical results from the usage of the crosslinked acetabular cups – the proprietary technology developed in-house in the late 1970’s
●Obtainment of CE mark approvals for the full range of products
Elite Surgical
Elite Surgical was established in 1999 and its main efforts focused on obtaining international quality accreditations. To that effect Elite Surgical obtained the FDA mark of approval on certain spinal products, along with the European CE mark.
In 2016 Elite Surgical was acquired by Anglorand Medical, a South African entity and subsidiary of Wanbangde group of companies.

Our Factory
Equipped with state-of-the-art production systems and expertise in process design, we are able to manufacture quality products
Elite Surgical can contribute too:
●New product/concept development
●Instrument design and refinement
●Finite element analysis
●Selection of alloys and materials
●3D modelling
●Prototypes and proof-of-concept models
●Instrument Trays
Our Product
At Elite we pride ourselves in our vast variety of product offering. From tumour hip prosthesis to cervical cages, we have the products to suit the needs of the orthopaedic implant industry.
Product Application
Arthroplasty, Spinal surgery (Degenerative and Deformity), Sports medicine / arthoscopy, Trauma surgery, Customized implant solutions
Quality Certifications
BSI Certificated ISO 13485 and MDD93/42EEC, FDA
Production Equipment
CNC Machining:
- CNC 3 axis milling
- CNC 4 axis milling
- CNC Turning
- CNC TurnMill with Y axis and subspindle
- CNC Wirecut with taper
Surface Treatment:
- Passivation
- Titanium anodizing
- Buffing, polishing
- Sand Blasting
- Tumbling
Other Processes:
- Assembly
- Laser Cutting
- Laser marking
- Controlled environment packing
- Outsourcing solutions
- TIG welding
- Heat treatment
- Ultrasonic cleaning
Our Service
Elite Surgical offers not only our standard range of product offering, but also own brand label and product development solutions. Patient specific instrumentation and implants are also offered.Stand Alone Cervical Fusion Device for sale


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